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Piezo and LED Practice

After researching around, I found another useful tutorial on piezo elements at the Arduino website (Arduino Knock Tutorial).  Since our class just learned how to make LEDs blink using the Arduino (Thanks Todd!), I modified the code just a little bit to incorporate both the piezo knock and LED blinking light.

In the first part of this circuit, I attached my bare piezo disc (along with a 1 MΩ resistor to limit the voltage and current drops) to the analog input pin A0 and ground.  After, I wired up a 220Ω resistor from digital pin 13, along with a pink LED to ground.

Sadly, this third part was the most frustrating thing I’ve dealt with all day.  Apparently, when I tried to type “sensorReading = analogRead(knockSensor),” I needed to watch what my pinky finger actually pressed on the keyboard… is not the same as = and it took me nearly 20 minutes to catch that error!

After that tiny mishap, I verified the code and uploaded it to my Arduino.  Here is a screenshot of the code:


At first, I set the threshold to 100 and I realized that the piezo wasn’t as sensitive, as seen here with my kitten :3


So, I decided to change the threshold to 75 and it was successful.




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